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Our Mission Statement

Classical music lays holds upon a deeply-ingrained place in the modern psyche as a part of our culture. More importantly, it serves as an anchor mooring us to our distant past, often a romanticized, idealized past, but a past that is nonethless a part of the present and, indeed, a part of who we are.

In preserving classical music, we maintain treasures gleaned along the way through our long journey through history. The amorphous mists of time that loom over our boggy journey threaten to overshadow treasure dropped along the way, treasure that may never again see the light of day as it gradually sinks into the peat in the bog of oblivion.

In offering these periodic e-citals we provide a platform for talented artists to showcase their skill and cast their ballot for a composer whom they view as a lost treasure, or one who is not yet lost and whose works they would like see preserved as treasure for posterity.

Beyond the recovery of lost treasure, these e-citals afford the artist an opportunity to, while displaying skill, polish and refine existing treasure, such as the works of the great composer/pianist Fryderyk Chopin.

The many e-citals hosted herein serve to bring visibility to the lifelong efforts of giants, whether famous or obscure, within the musical firmament, and to the talents of those amazing individuals who undertake the serious study of their works.

At, we preserve the best of the past for children yet to be born.